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Our Digital World is rapidly changing Risk Landscape, we have new threats that are merging from Hybrid and Mobile and dissolving the traditional perimeter, and scattering our data everywhere creating new exposures across our infrastructure. The Security Landscape has never ever been more active; and as a Result, The Cyber Security has become one of the hottest domain in the market; funding has been steadily growing for the last couple of years; But the question is: Are we getting more Safer?


Cyber Trust Consulting employs only the most highly-trained experts in the industry. Our staff stay up-to-date on everything from privacy and mobility to the prevention of security breaches. Our professionals hold a wide range of ever-growing certifications including but not limited to:

Ask Yourself


How much do you know about your organization`s IT security ?

How confident are you about your Security Systems ?

Is your organization’s network securely monitored and protected all the time?

What do you do in case of a breach attack ?

Are you compliant ?

Are you secure ?

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